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Strata Equity Group Buys 6,294-Unit Southeast Portfolio for More Than $720 Million

Purchase is one of the largest multifamily acquisitions of 2016. Read more

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Bell, DRA sell 20,000 Units in $1.8 Billion Deal

The Dallas-based private equity firm, Lone Star Funds, purchased the massive portfolio in a transaction that was estimated to cost about $1.8 billion. New York-based DRA Advisors and Greensboro, N.C.-based Bell Partners announced the sale on Thursday in a news release. Read more

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Buyer Named in UDR’s 3,000-Unit Portfolio Sale

For the second time in four years, UDR completes a major deal with DRA Advisors. Read more

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Big Steps Forward

For months now, buyers and analysts decried the lack of apartment portfolios available for trade on the market. But as cap rate have fallen, that’s slowly changing. Consider the 3,237-unit portfolio that Houston-based Camden property Trust and New York-based DRA Advisors put on the market from their joint venture in mid-October. Read more

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UDR Tailors Operations and Assets Toward Gen Y UDR Tailors Operations and Assets Toward Gen Y

Armed with cash from the right-sizing, UDR has been leveraging its balance sheet to beef up its operations, technology infrastructure, green initiatives, and energy management, and ultimately prepare itself to be the ideal property owner and manager for an on-the-go Gen Y renter. Read more

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The Top 10 Multifamily Deals of the Decade

The past decade bore witness to the largest multifamily deals in history, all of which occurred before the capital markets came crashing to a halt in mid-2008. Read more

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