In this article from our sister site BUILDER Magazine, Lauren Shanesy profiles the Tetris House, a new modular building system that uses interlocking blocks to create three individual homes in one structure. Dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars, founder of Universe Architecture, played on the idea of the 1980s video game to design a new kind of row-house that provides 360-degree views for residents.

The blocks are configured on top of each other and next to each other and can be arranged to the liking of the residents to form the homes, each of which spans over two floors and measures a little less than 1,900 square feet—the second floor twists to provide a new expansive view from a different angle—and also includes an additional 500-square-foot rooftop terrace. The modular blocks, which measure 160 feet by 160 feet, are slotted into a meccano-style (think erector set) steel structure.

The original Tetris House design, says Ruijssenaars, is just one of many configurations that could be conceived. “The Tetris House building method gives way for an endless array of possibilities,” says Ruijssenaars. “One can connect in all directions with all sorts of lengths.”

“The free piling, interior freedom and the library of facade elements could give way for an elegantly new liberal way of living,” he says.

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