San Antonio-based startup Rising Barn, which offers DIY kits for tiny homes, has been approved by the city to break ground on its first single-family development, reports San Antonio Business Journal reporter Katie Burke.

The company’s founder, Pegy Brimhall, believes the business is as much about building a micro unit ranging from 80 to 800 square feet as it is “about a complete shift in the way people design, develop and interact with space,” writes Burke.

Over the next year, Rising Barn plans to sell 100 of the DIY micro units, but a long-term goal is to apply the technology to commercial and multifamily building. Burke writes:

By using structural insulated panels as the core material for its structures, each Rising Barn unit has the ability to go higher than nine stories without the need for bracing or additional structural support. And that means Rising Barn can go not just bigger, but higher.

Ultimately, Brimhall’s partner French thinks Rising Barn will bring a new affordable housing option to San Antonio’s residential market, as well as a way to provide and use space as efficiently as possible. And in a residential application, Rising Barn units have the ability to take advantage of infill space and infrastructure that the city has already invested in.

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