In housing-constrained Silicon Valley, the Mountain View City Council has indicated its preference for a range of 6,700 to 9,100 units to be built in the city’s North Bayshore business district, according to Nathan Donato-Weinstein of the Silicon Valley Business Journal.

The council opted for the densest option in a slate of four development scenarios presented by city staff. The area is home to Google, LinkedIn, Intuit, and Microsoft.

“It gives us the most flexibility moving forward,” Vice Mayor Pat Showalter said at the meeting Tuesday, regarding the number of units. “It’s not all going to be built. So having more areas where it’s allowed is better.”

Although the decision doesn’t mean construction gets underway immediately, it sets the upper limit for what could be allowed in the district, though adoption of a revised plan remains many months away, reports Donato-Weinstein.

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