With all the talk of microunits for Gen Y renters circulating around New York this week, I’m looking for wide open apartment spaces for this week’s blog. That’s why I chose Texas, where everything is bigger... except rent prices. With economic growth in recent years in the engineering, IT and energy sectors, Dallas and Houston often top lists of the top cities for recent graduates. Luckily, rents remain affordable and there’s a lot of value for less money than in cities along the coasts. Here’s a look at what’s renting in Texas this week for under $1000:  


Annex Avenue Two Bedroom 

A two bedroom, one bath is renting on Annex Avenue for $990 /month

  • Small property offers beautiful outdoor space

  • Close to uptown

  • Unit is 900 sq. feet

Lovers Lane Apartment

A one bedroom is renting on Lover’s Lane for $963/month

  • Unit is modern and new

  • Close to Northpark Mall

  • Features a spacious kitchen 


Modern Apartment on Beverlyhill Street

Two bedroom, two and a half bath apartment is renting for $900/month.

  • Modern and spacious at 1,046 sq. feet

  • Cats and dogs are allowed

  • Close to schools, parks, shops and restaurants

Gen Y Dream Property

A one bedroom is renting in Nassau Bay for $842/month.

  • Property features resort pool with cabanas and a heated spa, plus Wii room

  • Unit is modern and has faux wood floors

  • Massive fitness centers offers a yoga and pilates room