Usually after construction is complete, high rise towers will settle slightly. That's nothing new.

However, San Francisco's Millennium Tower has sank 16 inches and tilted 2 inches northwest in the 8 years since it's been complete - a number that is beyond what's considered normal settling. The Tower, which is known for housing the Bay Area's rich in famous with condos that have sold above $10 million, isn't posing any safety concerns right now, but is causing a lot of controversy on how to fix it - and who will pay for it.

The Transbay Joint Powers Authority has been digging a tunnel for a new bus and rail center nearby the site, and before they started work, signed an agreement with the Millennium Tower's owners, Millennium Partners, that the TJPA would be responsible for fixing any damage caused directly by the work.

The TJPA is currently claiming the construction of the building was subpar as it used a concrete design instead of a steel one and only drove piles down 80 feet instead of 200 feet. The building owners are saying the building was settling on pace with predictions before the TJPA started excavating the site around the Millennium Tower.

Our sister site Builder magazine reports on the ensuing legal battle and potential (and costly) fixes to the problem.

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