In the St. John's neighborhood of Portland, Ore., a two-story apartment complex is undergoing renovations—the roof has been removed and a tarp is in its place for coverage. For the past month, rain has been seeping into some of the apartments. For a renovation, this might be normal, but at this building, tenants still live there.

Willamette Week reports that Janos and Sara Bodnar, owners of the property, filed 90-day "no cause" eviction notices in early June but then didn't wait for tenants to evacuate before starting renovations. Contractors ripped off the roof, and when the city issued a stop-work order, it found there were no permits for the roof work or the window and siding replacement. Inspectors found water damage, mold, and other problems in a third of the apartments.

The stop-work order for roofing, which had no permits, comes with a $500 fine, but the city gave the owners until Oct. 9 to correct the most serious housing code violations or face fines that could range as high as $2,700, according to a notice sent to tenants.

The landlord gave renters an extra month in the building after the leaks, and have agreed to let them live rent-free from the time of the leak in August through Oct. 15—the date tenants must now vacate the property.

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