One of the best things about switching to an all-digital system for our MFE Awards program the past two years has been the ability to reach more people, including industry experts, to tell them about the competition. This year, we invite those experts to consider participating in the awards judging process as we officially launch our digital judging platform.

Because we receive hundreds of submissions to the MFE Awards contest each year, we're relying on more of you to help us find the top projects. Specifically, we're looking for executives throughout the various disciplines of the apartment world with experience evaluating developments, deals, architecture, marketing, technology, and more.

In May, selected judges will able able to log in to and access an array of assigned submissions to evaluate a range of design and development criteria to help us find the best, most respected projects in the industry.

The judges will have three weeks, from May 10 to June 2, to review various entries in a particular awards category. During that time, the judges can proceed at their own pace in scoring the submissions.

Interested in participating? Here's how you can join us:

Email with the subject line "JUDGE SIGN-UP."

In the body of the email, please provide the following information:

First and Last Names
Email Address
Job Title
Company Name
Bio: A few sentences describing your background in the industry will suffice.
Area(s) of Expertise: Choose as many as apply from the list below.

  • High-Rises
  • Mid-Rises
  • Low-Rises
  • Adaptive Reuse
  • Affordable Housing
  • Apartment Renovation
  • Architecture
  • Development
  • Financing
  • Green Building
  • Land Development
  • Marketing
  • Mixed Use
  • Senior Housing
  • Student Housing
  • Technology

Please submit your judge profile to us by April 28. We'll then email you with further information.

We look forward to hearing from you!