TWO IN ONE: The Nautilus S912 strength gym is a great alternative to the single-exercise stations that are often the norm in fitness centers. It has two separate weight stacks, which allows two people to do a variety of exercises by making simple adjustments to the same piece of equipment.

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FITNESS AS THEATER: Precor's C966i treadmill offers 21 programs for workout variety, with a mix of speed and incline settings that work the lower body muscles. Easy-to-use handgrip sensors monitor the heart rate. Throw in a Cardio Theater personal viewing screen and you've got a visible way to set your facility apart from others.

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HEAVY DUTY: More durable parts and thicker chrome plating help make the new Pro3500 elliptical cross trainer from Octane Fitness a good choice for heavy usage. Exercisers like the multigrip handlebars and the ArmBlaster program, a rigorous routine for upper-body conditioning.

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COMMERCIAL GRADE: The Platinum ProClub treadmill from Pacemaster is specifically designed for use in a small commercial gym. It features a continuous-duty, industrial-grade drive motor and a console that details time, speed, incline, calories, distance, aerobic points, and heart rate.

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UP AGAINST THE WALL: The Wallrack from Cycle-Safe has a clever wheel "cage" that allows the user to not only hang a bike vertically but also to lock the front tire and frame with a cyclist's D-lock. Bikes roll easily up and down the wall. The Wallrack can be ordered in nearly any length to fit any space.

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