Humphreys and Partners Architects' Virtual Concept Community Design

Amenities on steroids

Humphreys & Partners reveals their concept of a student housing community built to serve Gen Y's preferences.


KTGY's Virtual Concept Community Design

During the #MFEC exclusive presentation on MFE's Concept Community project, we presented all the lessons we've learned during our coverage of the student housing beat with industry partners American Campus Communities, Fountain Residential, Humphreys & Partners, KTGY, and J Turner Research. The culmination of all our research and survey data was seen in two virtual communities unveiled during the session, which paint a full picture of the ideal student housing community that Gen Y longs for.


Concept Community Website

Welcome to the 2013 Concept Community. Over the next five months, Multifamily Executive will take a deep dive into the student housing industry with our industry partners American Campus Communities, Fountain Residential, Humphreys & Partners, KTGY and J Turner Research.

Along the way, an all-star lineup of industry thought leaders will provide insight on how best to attract and retain the largest generation in our nation’s history. We’ll dissect the topic from a variety of angles and mediums, including webinars; bi-weekly e-newsletters; a themed issue of the magazine; and a keynote at the MFE Conference in September.

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Concept Community Webinars

Operationally Intense: Managing, and Marketing, Student Housing

Student housing isn’t just about providing shelter. One of the biggest differences between conventional apartments and student housing is the level of operational intensity demanded by the academic calendar and the resident base. And as the sector matures, more owners are taking cues from the hospitality industry—and leveraging technology—to reach their target demographic. This webinar will look at leasing office issues, design points, technology amenities, and how social media can help slash your marketing costs.

The Student Housing Opportunity, Both On- and Off-Campus

Once seen as an unpalatable niche, student housing has become the darling of Wall Street. The sector’s strong fundamentals have inspired a wave of new supply that continues the modernization, and growing sophistication, of both on- and off-campus housing. This webinar will trace the niche’s evolution to illustrate where owners and developers are finding the hottest opportunities today, both off-campus and through Public/Private Partnerships.

Gauging Student Living Preferences

To satisfy both cost and quality-of-life concerns, most students have moved off campus into modernized student housing, and competition for their rent dollars hinges around several key factors. In this webinar, Joseph Batdorf, president of J Turner Research, reveals the most significant results of “Gauging Student Living Preferences,” a survey of 7,095 graduate and undergraduate students prepared exclusively for Multifamily Executive.

  • Student Housing Operators Slash Marketing Budgets Thanks to Social Media

    As the market has evolved, so have successful student housing operators, who realize that, in today's mobile environment, if you haven't adapted your marketing plan to emphasize social media, you won't reach your target audience.

  • Macro Units: What to Do When Gen Y Grows Up

    As Gen Y starts to have families, developers in some markets are finding that two- and three-bedroom units offer greater appeal, and better condo-conversion prospects, than one-bedroom plans

  • Feeding the Insatiable Need for Internet Speed

    The race to speed up Internet connections began when students started to watch movies and television shows online. And the need for speed has grown rapidly ever since, forcing owners to keep up with a swiftly, and ever-moving, target.

  • A Quick Byte: How Fast is a "Fast Enough" Internet?

    The Internet connection in apartments should match the speed of the connection at the college, and managers of student housing have scrambled to meet that standard. In 2011, a little more than half of students polled said that the Internet connections were slower in their student housing than at...

  • Smartphone Nation: Mobile Student Housing Management

    Technology can make a big difference when students move into their new homes. And that's particularly important in the student housing universe where, unlike in conventional housing, most residents arrive all at the same time.

  • Top 10 Schools by Enrollment

    Arizona State University is at the head of the class in this list of the top 10 four-year colleges by enrollment, according to U.S. Department of Education data.

  • Student Loan Rates Double Without Congressional Action

    College students taking out new loans for the fall term will see interest rates twice what they were in the spring, unless Congress fulfills its pledge to restore lower rates when it returns after the July 4 holiday.

  • Turning Likes Into Leases

    Apartment firms are finally turning "likes" into leases through social networks that connect closely with residents while marketing properties to all their friends.

  • Providing Student Housing: The Challenges, and the Rewards

    Housing students isn't just about providing them with shelter. This sector's owners and operators know they cater to a resident population that needs extra TLC.

  • Circle West Campus

    The 2012 MFE Award winner for Project of the Year: Marketing and Advertising

  • Apartment Search: How Gen Y Looks for Rentals

    Exclusive research provides insight into how Millennials search for apartments, and what they expect from their eventual community of choice.

  • Top 10 College Town Destinations for Gen Y

    The annual "College Destinations Index" produced by the American Institute for Economic Research, ranks the nation's most economically healthy college towns--and this year's list had some surprising additions and subtractions. New York? Boston? San Francisco? Nope.

  • 10 States Where Demand for Student Housing is Surging

    Although more students than ever are pursuing a higher education, only five states have been able to provide enough dorm beds to maintain residency levels against growing enrollments, according to a new report from the NSHC.

  • Student Housing Market Profile: Columbus, Ohio

    With more than 63,000 students, The Ohio State University is one of the largest schools in the nation. But OSU prides itself on the efforts that go into making a big place feel small.

  • One Year Later, Corvias Carves Its Campus Niche

    Although the new company hasn't struck traditional public-private partnerships with its schools, it's successfully developed relationships to grow the company some more in 2014.

  • Students’ Housing Choices Focus on Value

    Yesteryear’s undergrads may have spent money frivolously, but today’s students, with the recession in their rearview mirror, are intent on curbing debt and getting the most for their rental dollar.

  • Student Housing Developers Vary Price Points to Boost Occupancy

    Student housing owners are trying something hospitality companies have known for years: By operating multiple properties in a single market, your brands will reach more customers.

  • 10 Tips for Public–Private Student Ventures

    Working with colleges and universities brings challenges developers won’t face in any other part of the multifamily business. “It’s a different way of doing business,” says Cecil Phillips, chairman and CEO of Atlanta-based Place Properties. “That’s all there is to it.”

  • Public–Private Partnerships: Standing Out From the RFP Crowd

    Once a request for proposal for on-campus housing comes out, the rules change: Any previous informal discussions between a developer and the school should end. At that point, a developer needs to distinguish itself through its responses and its balance sheet.

  • Not All On-Campus Housing RFPs Are Alike

    Developers interested in on-campus student housing should familiarize themselves with two forms of request for proposal (RFP) before diving in.

  • Breaking Into Public–Private Student Housing

    Private developers or managers may court a school long before it issues a request for proposal, but universities, especially those governed by ethics expectations in the public realm, demand an arm’s-length distance.

  • Spreading the Wealth: Jobsite Diversity for Multifamily Builders

    In Charlotte, minorities have made up the majority of its 752,000 population since 2011, and women account for more than half. And there, Balfour Beatty Construction is part of a construction team that this month was selected to build a 146,000-square-foot, 400-bed freshman residential hall, which...

  • Rising Star 2012

    Warren Burke of Campus Apartments is MFE's 2012 Rising Star of the Year.