May 2012 Table of Contents

Milwaukee's Tall Order

The Milwaukee area is in the midst of a solid recovery after three years of minimal development and slow rent growth. Read more

Man in the Middle

Apartment Finance Today sits down with Henry Cisernos, one of the most widely known names in housing. Read more

Separation Anxiety

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac's uncertain future looms large over housing: a dark cloud with the potential to, on the one hand, precipitously disrupt or, on the other, gently flow us into a brave new housing finance world. Read more

Mixed Blessings Mixed Blessings

AS THE INCOMING CHAIR of the Mortgage Bankers Association, I’ve been privileged to get a behind-the-scenes look at the development of MBA’s programs, research, and publications. Read more

Tech's Big Lift

When the timing is just right, really good things can happen. That's been the case for the 213- unit 360 Residences in downtown San Jose, Calif. Read more

The Right Questions

If we’re challenging the community’s conventional wisdom on both fundamental demand assumptions and presumptions, we’re doing our job. Read more

Highlights From the 2012 AFTC

The idea of a bifurcated market came up a lot at the Apartment Finance Today Conference, held April 2–3 in Las Vegas. Read more

Sweet Music

The expansion of the U.S. auto industry is rippling through Cleveland’s manufacturing sector. Read more

Rehab Capital's New Entry Point

Just a year ago, it was hard to find money if you wanted to buy and rehab an apartment building. But as rents have recovered, the opportunity for rehab has regained validity. Read more

A Piece of the Action

Gerry Ogier, chairman, partner, and co-founder of Contravest, an Altamonte Springs, Fla.- based builder, recently shared a story that’s all too familiar for many of the small and regional developers around the country. Read more

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