December 2011 Table of Contents

Market Makers Market Makers

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have heard the footsteps coming over the past year, but their perch atop the multifamily debt market looks safe for 2012. Read more

Distress Test Distress Test

FOR THE MOST PART, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Miami really have nothing in common but sand. Read more

Marketing 101 Marketing 101

With state budget woes preventing new spending on college dormitories, off-campus housing has become the BMOC (big man on campus) when it comes to housing students. Read more

Back in the Game Back in the Game

Grubb Properties is back in full force. Since paring its 35-property portfolio of nearly 5,000 units down to five properties in June 2007— before the downturn caused cap rates to compress—the Charlotte, N.C based comp Read more

Buying Time Buying Time

Time is money, as the saying goes, but in some cases, biding your time is the richest strategy of all. Read more

Waiting Game

ONCE A YEAR, MY GRANDMOTHER makes a thick, incredibly flavorful soup called calehpaacheh, which translates to “from head to toe." Read more

Austin City Limitless Austin City Limitless

Education. Technology. Government. Austin, Texas, has it all, so it's no wonder the city continues to thrive as one of the most desirable places for corporate relocation and new business expansion. Read more

Dodd Frank to Save Multifamily Some Dough

AS MORE RENTERS MIGRATE to electronic payment platforms, they’re being helped along by new debitcard fee regulations contained in the Durbin Amendment to the Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. Read more

I'll Take Manhattan

Bobby De Niro’s got some new neighbors Read more

Rents See Slow Growth in Q3

THE APARTMENT market kept growing in August and September, according to third-quarter rents data, but things did slow from the frenzied increases of earlier this year. Read more

Florida Developers Dig In

IN OCTOBER, ATLANTA-BASED Wood Partners made a move that has been all too rare the past few years: It purchased land in Florida. Read more

At the Heart of It All At the Heart of It All

Kansas City is the most centrally located major metro area in the nation Read more

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