November 2010 Table of Contents

Finding a Balance

A good friend of mine used to throw pizza parties at his “fixer-upperia.” Read more

More Distress Sales Coming?

AS THE BANKING sector slowly returns to health, more distressed multifamily assets are expected to hit the streets next year. Read more

Private Sector Heats Up

WHILE FANNIE MAE and Freddie Mac continue to win the bulk of multifamily business, other capital sources are growing more competitive. Read more

FDIC Defends Extend and Pretend

For more than a year now, multifamily equity funds and brokers have complained about the “extend and pretend” policy in the banking industry. Read more

Plan of Attack


Face Off

THE PATH THAT FANNIE MAE and Freddie Mac follow out of conservatorship will be guided by the results of the mid-term elections. Read more

Big Easy Shifts Big Easy Shifts

EOPLE HAVE ALWAYS been attracted to New Orleans because of how many city elements are just as they were years ago— from the oak-lined streets to the Victorian mansions along St. Charles Avenue. Read more

Endurance Test Endurance Test

GARY TENZER HAS three primary requirements for clients looking to refinance multifamily assets via the HUD 223(f) conventional loan program. Read more

Will Cap Rates Go Lower?

MANY BUYERS AND SELLERS have been surprised at just how quickly and steeply multifamily cap rates have fallen this year. Read more

Metroplex Flexes Recovery Metroplex Flexes Recovery

JOB GROWTH IS BACK—at least in Dallas/Forth Worth, Texas. And the return of jobs has led to strengthening demand across the entire metroplex, driving absorption to the highest level in a decade. Read more

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