July 2010 Table of Contents

Smaller REITs Jump Aboard the Transaction Train

EARLIER THIS YEAR, larger REITs such as Equity Residential, Essex Properties Trust, and AvalonBay Communities seemed to be the only public players closing deals. Read more

Under-the-Radar Construction Markets

AS RENTAL MARKETS turn in many areas of the country, some smaller markets actually look ripe for new development. Read more

The Upside-Down Recovery

AS THE APARTMENT RECOVERY takes shape, market watchers have agreed on a term to describe the way things are progressing so far—surprise. Read more

Acquisition Market Heats Up as Cap Rates Fall

THE ACQUISITION MARKET gathered steam in the second quarter, as cap rates declined nationally. Read more

Mixed Blessings Mixed Blessings

AS THE INCOMING CHAIR of the Mortgage Bankers Association, I’ve been privileged to get a behind-the-scenes look at the development of MBA’s programs, research, and publications. Read more

Relaxed & Scrutinized Relaxed & Scrutinized

A QUIRKY DYNAMIC IS AT play at the government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs)—borrower scrutiny is at an alltime high, even as credit conditions begin to loosen. Read more

Bridge Over Troubled Water

Wells Fargo has rejuvenated its floating-rate bridge loan program for multifamily properties, while Greystone is getting ready to announce a similar bridge loan program tied to the company’s agency permanent loan executions. Read more

In the Right Direction In the Right Direction

THERE’S STILL SOME GROUND to cover, but the multifamily market in Northern New Jersey has come a long way in a short period of time. Read more

Signs of Life

Architectural Billings rebounded slightly in March, offering a sign of optimism to the real estate industry, according to the American Institute of Architects. Read more

Making it Work Making it Work

It's a scenario that's not difficult to picture. A Washington police officer – a single mother who is responsible for keeping the nation's capital safe in this era of heightened security – cannot afford to live anywhere close to her precinct. Because many two-bedroom apartments in the close-in areas cost more than $2,000 per month, she has to take the train into the city from Fredericksburg, Va., almost 60 miles away, where a two-bedroom apartment rents for $700 per month. While these costs savings are essential, it does not make up for some things money can't buy – time with her children and those two hours per day she loses commuting on the train. Read more

Full Circle Full Circle

IT FINALLY LOOKS like The Palms of Monterrey is going to make it after all. Read more

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