May 2009 Table of Contents

Getting Past Hello

At one time or another, most of us have attended those “social mixers” where you try to use a giant black Sharpie to legibly write your name on a white sticker that then attaches haphazardly to your clothes. Read more

Tightening Up

FREDDIE MAC MADE SOME BIG changes to its underwriting standards in the first quarter, a trend many see continuing throughout the year. Read more

Stormy Year for Windy City

IN THE LONG RUN, THE Chicago area apartment market is well-poised for sunny skies. But local owners will have to fly through a gathering storm to see the sunshine again. Read more

Ratings War

FOR YEARS, developers have complained that the ?agship LEED for New Construction (NC) pro-gram—originally developed for high-rise commercial structures—was a bad ? t for the multifamily industry, particularly for low- and mid-rise developments. Read more

Mezz Grows Costly

AS BANKS AND OTHER institutional lenders scale back their balance-sheet lending appetite, it’s getting harder to find mezzanine financing. Read more

Deal Roundup

Anaheim, Calif.—Jamboree Housing Corp. has opened Diamond Apartment Homes, a 15-unit green community designed by KTGY Group that provides housing and mental health supportive services for previously homeless individuals and their families. Read more


Carol Galante, a recognizable and progressive thought leader within affordable and multifamily housing circles, was named deputy assistant secretary of multifamily housing at HUD. Read more


COLUMN FINANCIAL, THE commercial real estate lending arm of Credit Suisse, officially closed its doors in late March, shutting down its remaining offices in Dallas, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Read more

Private Money Steps Up

SMALL, PRIVATE EQUITY GROUPS are flooding the marketplace, and investors are targeting cash-on-cash returns over internal rate of return (IRR), say industry experts. Read more

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