January 2009 Table of Contents

2009's Silver Linings

It’s not exactly going to be a happy new year for the multifamily industry. Read more

Smoking Ban Good for Business

Most residents are happy with the ban on smoking imposed by Portland, Ore.-based Guardian Management, LLC. Read more

Under Construction Under Construction

Short-term interest rates have fallen steeply from their highs in September, making construction financing more feasible. Read more

Agents of Change

Where would the multi family industry be without Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? Read more

Cranes Gather Dust

Construction financing was the toughest nut to crack in 2008. And it will get no easier in 2009. Read more

Uncertainty of Execution Uncertainty of Execution

If 2007 was the end of the party, 2009 will be the worst part of the hangover. Read more

More Solutions for Workforce Housing

The Sec. 42 low-income housing tax credit program has provided this nation with more than 1.7 million affordable housing units for citizens earning 60 percent or less of the area median income (AMI). Read more

Affordable Deals Struggle

Affordable housing developers expect 2009 to be even tougher than last year as the lowincome housing tax credit (LIHTC) market struggles to find equity investors. Read more

Condo Auction Condo Auction

The Edge sells 37 condos in one day—with help from a gavel and discounted sales prices. Read more

Builder Confidence Drops, Again

Confidence in the multifamily housing market sagged in the third quarter of 2008, pushing builder confidence indexes for both the condominium and the rental markets to their lowest levels since the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) created the indexes in 2003. Read more

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