March 2008 Table of Contents

Going Where the Jobs Are

Washington, D.C.—It used to be a neighborhood of seedy nightclubs and old warehouses, but D.C.’s powerful real estate market has made the land around the planned baseball stadium for the Washington Nationals, just south of the Capitol, into a massive development site. Read more

Westchester County’s Strong, Steady Demand

New Rochelle, N.Y.—More than 40 new tenants a month are moving into Avalon on the Sound East, a new apartment tower rising in the heart of this reviving city. Read more

The Insurance Whirlpool

Many multifamily companies are stuck in a perpetual cycle. Read more

Beating Them, and Joining Them

Orlando, Fla. —“Know thy self, know thy enemy,” advised Sun Tzu in The Art of War. It appears Freddie Mac is taking that advice. Read more


Debra Jackson has been promoted to senior vice president of Lane Co.’s Real Estate Capital Markets Group. Read more

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