April 2008 Table of Contents

It's All In the Name

El Paso, Texas—Some of the residents at the San Marcos Apartments, a 468-unit apartment property here, working in the United but have another Mexico. Read more

Refi Market Heats Up

Low interest rates combined with an uncertain marketplace are spurring more multifamily owners to refinance their properties. Read more

Hot Phoenix Market Faces New Challenges

Phoenix grew by 43,000 people between 2005 and 2006. That works out to about 118 new faces a day. Read more

Corporate Sponsorship for Workforce Housing

A gaping hole in the multifamily housing marketplace exists. Very simply, affordable workforce housing is tough to come by. Read more

Fannie Rides Momentum

While Fannie Mae has been saddled by big losses due to deterioration in the single-family market, its multifamily operations had a record year in 2007. Read more

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