May 2007 Table of Contents

Spinning the Web

Just as homes often have more than one remote control—one each for television, cable, DVD, and stereo for instance—many property management companies have different software for different functions. Read more

Taking Back Rent Week

For most multifamily property managers, the community office is a madhouse during rent week, with leasing agents frantically keying in payment information between frequent trips to the bank. Read more

Houston Heats Up

Houston—Legacy Partners just placed a big bet on Houston. This September, workers will start digging the foundation for Legacy at Memorial, a new 25-story high-rise overlooking Buffalo Bayou, the long park that lines Memorial Drive on its way downtown. Read more

Survey Says: Yardi Expands Market Share Multifamily firms expect to boost technology spending this year as they plan for growth.

APARTMENT FINANCE TODAY'S 2007 Technology Survey received 167 responses from a broad spectrum of the industry.  Read more

Juicy Opportunities

With so much investment capital chasing so few viable multifamily development prospects these days, you’d think investors would be offering attractive partnership terms to developers controlling promising sites. Read more

Raising the Bar

Property managers weigh such factors as occupancy rates and competitors’ pricing when setting rents, but the process often can be informal, sometimes combining market factors with a manager’s gut instinct. Enter revenue management software. Read more

In praise of strong leaders

As we approach the two-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina hitting America’s Gulf Coast, there are lessons to be learned about housing, and about leadership. Read more

Houston’s Young Guns Houston’s Young Guns

Trammell Crow Residential’s development team in Houston may be young, but they’re hungry. Read more

Survey Says: Yardi Expands Market Share

Yardi’s Voyager software continues to rise in popularity, while RealPage, Intuit, and Property Automation Software are making strong gains as the platforms of choice for multifamily executives. Read more

FHA Mid-Year Volume Down

The first half of fiscal 2007 produced significantly fewer Federal Housing Administraton (FHA) loans than a year earlier, as the agency continues to focus on niche areas to offset a shrinkage in basic lending activity. Read more

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