March 2006 Table of Contents

Introduction Green Building Comes of Age

From the busy streets of New York City to the quiet towns of Montana, more and more multifamily developers are beginning to embrace green building principles. Read more

Freddie following Fannie’s mezz program with its own version

With so many multifamily investors seeking maximum financial leverage in acquiring properties, it’s no surprise the two big government-sponsored enterprises continue refining customized mezzanine-type loan programs to supplement senior mortgages. Read more

Builders find new reasons to go solar Builders find new reasons to go solar

Nothing says “green building” more clearly than a gleaming line of solar panels tilted to catch the sunlight. Read more


The Apartment Finance Today Index (AFT Index) slid south for our session ended Feb. 13, 2006. Read more

Green Roofs

Chicago now has more buildings with green roofs than perhaps any other place in the country.  Read more

Lenders to fight MIP hike

Mortgage banking industry leaders are gearing up for a fight over plans announced by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) to nearly double the mortgage insurance premium (MIP) for most FHA programs to 80 basis points.. Read more

Freddie Mac keeps conduits in crosshairs

Freddie Mac executives are looking to maintain their momentum in 2006 after turning in a record year for financing multifamily housing in 2005. Read more

Life companies target niches avoided by conduits, GSEs

Even amid the most active income-property lending environment ever, life insurance companies – historically conservative investors – face frantic competition in the multifamily field, led by Wall Street conduit lenders and big government-spons Read more

Green Rehabs Green Rehabs

Your drafty old apartment building may be the ideal place to put modern high-performance ideas into practice. Read more

Student housing construction slows

Lender confidence has fueled the student housing boom for the past two years. Read more

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