2016 Issues

January 2016 January 2016

CAUTIOUSLY OPTIMISTIC: After Five Prolific Years, Bob Hart and his Industry Peers remain mostly positive about 2016

February 2016 February 2016

IN THIS ISSUE: Taking Control - Architect Jorge Mastropietro adds "developer" to his job title

March 2016 March 2016
April 2016 April 2016

GREAT EXPECTATIONS: Renters are demanding more - and better - amenities. Managers like Bill Greene set their properties apart by providing them.

May 2016 May 2016

GAINING GROUND: Dedication to growth and varied product have Dennis Treadway's FPI management joining the industry's biggest players.

June 2016 June 2016

ALL IN: At Cortland Partners, Steven DeFrancis and team grow the firm by keeping most of the work in-house.

July 2016 July 2016

MIAMI TWICE: Developers like Ryan Shear wonder: Will South Florida's Resurgent Condo Market Stay afloat?

August 2016 August 2016

COUNTING CRANES: As post-recession demand keeps climbing, new apartment construction follows suit in many metros.

September 2016 September 2016

PEERLESS PIONEER: 2016 Executive of the Year Bob Faith has reinvented what it means to be a top apartment firm.

October 2016 October 2016

2016 MFE AWARDS: Honoring excellence in the multifamily industry

November 2016 November 2016

ENERGY STARS: Arianna Sacks Rosenberg and her peers prove green development isn't just for single-family anymore.

December 2016 December 2016

HOMETOWN HERO: In her native Detroit, Nonprofit developer Sonya Mays is on a mission to rebuild affordable housing.

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