November 2013 Table of Contents

Orlando Low-Rise Reflects Market's Revitalization new developments Orlando Low-Rise Reflects Market's Revitalization

Pollack Shores' 326-unit SteelHouse can credit strong public-private partnerships, close proximity to public transportation, and a plethora of one-bedroom units in its success with Millennials. Read more

Is Going Green Worth the Trouble?

Officials debate whether green certifications are worth the extra cost. Read more

Green Certification as Marketing Tool Green Certification as Marketing Tool

The true value of green certification programs goes far beyond the money you save; it’s more about the money you attract. Read more

Smart Strategy: A Developer's Condo Conversion Roadmap

The condo conversion landscape is littered with the ghosts of failed developers past. But smart companies like Embarcadero Pacific are resuscitating this once-moribund market. Read more

Top 10 Apartment REITs

After acquiring about 60 percent of the Lehman Brothers’ Archstone portfolio, Equity Residential is estimated to have about $36.2 billion in assets, according to a list compiled by Green Street Advisors. Read more

Affordable Housing Financing Google Is Still Clicking on ‘Affordable Housing’

An accounting rule change could make low-income housing attractive to more corporations. Read more

Chief Executives Talk Leadership Lessons Learned Early

Rick Graf, Ed Pettinella and Tom Toomey describe the biggest lessons they've learned as company leaders. Read more

Portland Apartments Slated to Become First LEED Platinum HUD Project

A developer in Portland recently secured financing for a project scheduled to become the first LEED Platinum certified construction project funded through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Read more

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