Concept Community Report 2013 Table of Contents

Gauging Student Living Preferences design Gauging Student Living Preferences

What do students really want in housing? Our exclusive survey reveals their preferences—and why developers should aim high. Read more

technology Technology Students Want in Their Housing

Students get fast Internet on campus, so they expect it in their housing, as well. Operators who fail to keep up may suddenly see their vacancies rise. Read more

business Partnering With Universities for Student Housing Success

For student housing developers seeking to partner with a university, patience, experience, and land are key to a winning proposal. Read more

marketing How to Attract Students to Your Properties

Successfully marketing housing to students requires more than just being near campus. Your properties must also meet their varying design, budgetary, and technological needs. Read more

Has Student Housing Become a Victim of Its Own Success?

The sector has enjoyed growing demand in the past few decades, but what happens when the clock strikes midnight? Read more

How Much Student Housing is Too Much? How Much Student Housing is Too Much?

The forecasts for student housing are strong -- so strong that some markets could see oversupply if developers aren't careful. Read more

10 Tips for Public–Private Student Ventures

Working with colleges and universities brings challenges developers won’t face in any other part of the multifamily business. “It’s a different way of doing business,” says Cecil Phillips, chairman and CEO of Atlanta-based Place Properties. “That’s all there is to it.” Read more

Four Mistakes That Will Cost You Gen Y Renters

Many operators are turning their attention to Millennials’ unique needs and preferences—and learning to implement features that appeal to young adult renters. This means courting Gen Y residents with sustainable communities, technology-friendly features, and state-of-the-art amenities. It also means fixing or preventing the four mistakes listed here, lest your properties drive residents to more-accommodating communities elsewhere. Read more

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