2013 Issues

January 2013 January 2013

IN THIS ISSUE: SHADOW BOXING — Investors like Doug Brien duke it out in the reo-to-rental gold rush. PLUS, Deep Dive: Is data mining the next great wave?; Taming Animal House: The risks and rewards of student housing.

February 2013 February 2013

IN THIS ISSUE: DRIVE TIME — Operators like Alliance's Brad Cribbins are pushing rents without pushing away residents. PLUS, Right Turn: How to reduce days vacant?; Cover Your Assets: Mandatory renters' insurance on the rise.

March 2013 March 2013

IN THIS ISSUE:CHAIR REACTION — Developers like Wood Partners’ Todd McCulloch help actualize multifamily’s impact on local economies. PLUS, ANCILLARY STRATEGY: turning fees into selling points; MULTIPLIER EFFECT: social media referrals done right

April 2013 April 2013

IN THIS ISSUE: TOTAL REHAB —Edward Pettinella keeps Home Properties fresh by repositioning older workforce housing. PLUS, Crashing the Multifamily Party: Will single-family builders overstay their welcome?

May 2013 May 2013

IN THIS ISSUE: HUNTER GATHERER — A deep dive into David Neithercut's relentless bird-doggin and capture of the Archstone portfolio. PLUS,The 2013 Top 50: Our exclusive ranking of the industry's biggest firms.

June 2013 June 2013

IN THIS ISSUE: PATH FINDER — Bob Faith's skill in navigating boom and bust cycles helps Greystar contain rising labor and material costs. PLUS, curbing "poopitrators" with dog dna and guidelines for remediating meth-lab apartments.

July 2013 July 2013

IN THIS ISSUE: SCHOOL CRAZE — David Adelman glimpsed student housing's future 15 years ago-and that future is now. PLUS, marijuana laws confound owners and does eco-friendly building pay?

August 2013 August 2013

IN THIS ISSUE: DELUXE REDUX — Top rehabbers reveal which upgrades offer the biggest bang for the buck, in our forth annual apartment renovation index. PLUS: CREEPY-CRAWLY — Bedeviled by bloodsucking bedbugs; MACRO UNITS — What to do when gen y grows up.

September 2013 September 2013

IN THIS ISSUE: IN TOUCH — Executive of the year Julie Smith's personal warmth - and business acumen - helped grow Bozzuto managament into a powerhouse. PLUS, Oversupply Fears: Which markets are most at risk? and Call Centers: Should you grow your own or go third-party?

Concept Community Report 2013 Concept Community Report 2013

IN THIS ISSUE: The 2013 Concept Community Report - a detailed analysis on the latest on student housing project planning, financing, development, and design.

October 2013 October 2013

THE 2013 MFE AWARDS: Every deal has a story to tell, but some speak a little more eloquently, and push the envelope as little more forcefully, than others.

November 2013 November 2013

IN THIS ISSUE: RECENT CONVERT - The condo conversion craze is coming back, but developers like Michael Reynolds are taking a smarter tack. ALSO: GREEN WASH? is certification worth it?; EMERGING 'HOOD: breaking into up-and-coming areas.

December 2013 December 2013

IN THIS ISSUE: FAST FORWARD - Owners and developers like Jon Bell are bullish, charging hard into 2014. ALSO: MAJOR MINERS:How big firms approach data mining; KINGS OF THE HILL: The top deals of 2013.

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