Spring Technology 2012 Table of Contents

From the Editor
What We See Is All There Is: Why Multifamily Executive Should Be on Your Dashboard What We See Is All There Is: Why Multifamily Executive Should Be on Your Dashboard

Property managers must begin to regard community residents each as business nodes for whom there’s investment and a margin of profit on that investment. Technology serves multiple roles here, both as an investment that elevates the perceived value offered to your residents, and as the enabler of scalability. Read more

Annual Technology Issue
screen time Cash or Credit?

Rental payment history may be more valuable than credit history in differentiating good renter prospects from bad. Read more

Renewals Made Easy screen time Renewals Made Easy

Online renewal technologies can more effectively close the deal on the easiest leasing customer you’ll ever have: your current residents. Read more

Cross Check screen time Cross Check

Rather than focusing on a prospect’s credit score, screening professionals stress a more hands-on and holistic approach to approving rental applicants. Read more

Multifamily Hiring Teams to Look for Marketing and Sales Skills

Multifamily apartment companies could be facing an on-site hiring crisis as the economy improves the chances for recidivism just as the industry begins to look for higher levels of marketing and sales experience among their front line employees, according to a panel on apartment industry human resources held at the MFE Conference last week in Las Vegas. Read more

Smart Phones Become New Multifamily Zeitgeist

Multifamily mobile apps have become the de-facto software development platform for the 21st century. REITs, private operators, vendors, and now student housing firms are embracing smart phone, iPad, and tablet PC applications for their low cost of entry, high user absorption, ease of use, and return on investment. Read more

Social Rapport media mobilization Social Rapport

After years of trying, multifamily is only starting to grasp the point and power of social media. Read more

Reception Is Served media mobilization Reception Is Served

As residents become more cell phone and smart phone dependent, progressive apartment owners and developers are looking for ways to deliver reception-haven properties. Read more

data exchange A Look Back at VaultWare's 2011 Launch of Market Comps

We test-drive Vaultware’s automated market comp report system and learn why the firm’s executives think the technology will boost leasing office productivity Read more

Revenue Management's All Grown Up Revenue Management's All Grown Up

Broad industry adoption, maturation of systems highlight trends at first annual Apartment Revenue Management Conference. Read more

By the Dashboard Light DATA EXCHANGE By the Dashboard Light

Executive dashboards leverage near–real-time information to help apartment pros stay nimble. Read more

Getting Bounced data exchange Getting Bounced

Once a hallowed metric of Internet marketing success, bounce rates have recently lost some of their luster. Read more

Multi-Tasking Multi-Tasking

As managers and enterprises cross over from defensive to proactive tech strategy, it gets a hell of a lot better. Read more

Data Crunch conference call Data Crunch

MFE's annual roundtable of multifamily IT experts discusses the keys to making technology work for apartment owners, managers, and developers. Read more

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