February 2012 Table of Contents

Fasten Your Seat Belts Fasten Your Seat Belts

2012 promises to take multifamily’s drivers on one hell of a ride. Read more

Niche Guys Win Niche Guys Win

Meet five multifamily firms that know how to make the most of their very specific markets. Read more

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Safer at Any Speed Safer at Any Speed

I’m as averse to change as the next guy. When I got to have someone as talented, prolific, and energizing as Shabnam Mogharabi do a perfectly good job of motivating her team; producing important print, online, and in-person products and platforms to engage you; and creating value for our titles in this community, why would I take it as good news when she announced she intended to move on? Read more

Many 5-Year Conduit Loans to Mature in 2012 stat of the month Many 5-Year Conduit Loans to Mature in 2012

A slew of five-year CMBS loans will come due this year, but how will they refinance? Read more

Potential Landmark Accessibility Case Heads to Trial Potential Landmark Accessibility Case Heads to Trial

Last month, Christopher Hanback, a partner in the Washington, D.C., office of the Holland & Knight law firm, expressed optimism that a district-court judge would uphold a summary judgment rejection in a case the Justice Department (DOJ) filed against Dallas-based JPI Apartment Construction. Others weren’t so sure. It turns out he was right. Read more

GMH Gets Back in the Game

A pioneer of the student housing industry, GMH is plotting its second act. Read more

Numbers Show Another Strong Year Numbers Show Another Strong Year

The returns are starting to come in from 2011, and it looks like apartment owners were the winners. Earlier today, New York–based Reis reported that vacancy fell to 5.2 percent. That’s the lowest number since late 2001. New Haven, Conn., with a vacancy rate of 2.1 percent, and New York City, with vacancies at 2.4 percent, were the tightest markets. Read more

How Long Can Low LIBOR, 10-Year Treasury Last?

The benchmarks upon which floating- and fixed-rate loans are based have been incredibly low for awhile now—but how long can it last? Read more

Freddie Readies ARM For Value-Add Deals

The market for repositioning deals is expected to pick up this year, and Freddie Mac is taking "a hard look at its adjustable rate programs" to better tailor them to value-add plays. Read more

Houston Shines Brightly REGIONAL OUTLOOK Houston Shines Brightly

Long known as the energy capital of the world, resource-rich Houston is fast developing additional assets that make the metro a shining multifamily market. Read more

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