June 2008 Table of Contents

Top Notch Top Notch

The 25,000-square-foot rooftop garden is more than just a perk for residents - it's also the main element of the building's water management system. Read more

Faking It Faking It

The faux lawn is just one of the ways that the 14-building, 204-unit affordable housing development saves water - and water conservation has become a contentious issue in California. Read more

River of Life River of Life

A project sensitive to its distinct surroundings, specifically its riverfront location and rolling meadows. Read more

Going With the Flow

People throughout the world are recognizing the need to reduce carbon emissions and to use less energy. But, they may be ignoring another important natural resource: water. Read more

Going, Going, Gone Going, Going, Gone

A step-by-step look at how to use auctions to clear out excess inventory. Read more

Orange Crush Orange Crush

The Irvine Co. Apartment Communities counters a new era of competition with juggernaut marketing, geographic expansion, and an enduring approach to customer service. Read more

What's in a Name?

In today's tough economic times, maintaining a strong brand identity is more vital than ever. Read more

Magnetic Marketing

Apartment owners can snare the lion's share of renters by ramping up their online initiatives. Read more

Stat To Watch Money Machines

There has been little evidence that certifies the advantages of green buildings in terms of portfolio performance - until now. Read more

Domino Effect

On the surface, the connection between the foreclosure crisis and lack of affordable housing may seem weak. Read more

Green Guidelines Green Guidelines

Los Angeles has launched The Private Sector Green Building Program to cut carbon emissions by more than 80,000 tons by the year 2012. Read more

Spring Gardening

Tishman Speyer decides the mammoth complexes need a facelift. Read more

Direct Reports

Direct Reports on Chapter 11 bankruptcy, steel- and petroleum- dependant building material price increase, Big Belly, assistance for intergeneration families, green building effeciency, and Apartments.com on MySpace. Read more

Free Stuff Free Stuff

Despite a soft national economy, multifamily fundamentals remain solid. From analyst to analyst, report to report, the industry's collective voice is telling a tale of rent gain, vacancy compression, and increased multifamily asset values. Read more

Magic Kingdom Magic Kingdom

As long as children around the world love Mickey Mouse, Disney World isn't going anywhere - and neither is the demand for multifamily housing in Orlando, Fla. Read more

Primo Promos Primo Promos

To satisfy their amenity-hungry residents and develop retail synergies in their mixed-use projects, Related offers residents special programs, perks, and promos - such as the front-of-the-line reservation priority to Porter House and other Time Warner Center restaurants. Read more

A New Brew A New Brew

Construction will soon begin on the redevelopment of the Lemp Brewery site, bringing offices, restaurants, shops, and 400 apartments to the complex of red brick buildings. Read more

A Corner for Affordable Housing A Corner for Affordable Housing

The property at Eddy and Taylor Streets will become the 13-story Eddy and Taylor Family Housing development with at least 20 percent reserved for homeless families when it opens by 2012. Read more

Higher Threshold Higher Threshold

Multifamily lenders are taking a harder look at a number of factors during the underwriting process, including past and future rents, available equity, and ancillary revenue. Read more

On the Map On the Map

With the advances in location-based mapping technologies on the Internet in the recent years, more and more applications are emerging that can literally put multifamily properties on the map. Read more

Product Picks From the Editors of Ebuild Product Picks From the Editors of Ebuild

Water-efficient showerhead, stone-coated steel roofing, and Freedom collection refrigerator. Read more

Sneaky Green Sneaky Green

Today's green materials and products blend in with traditional products. Growing demand for eco-friendly building elements has given rise to a whole world of green products. Read more

Landmarks: Via Mizner Landmarks: Via Mizner

Addison Mizner's designs were advanced and reflected forward thinking, especially in terms of the scale and feel of the projects he created. Read more

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