June 2007 Table of Contents

Sound of Silence Sound of Silence

Sound issues tend to take a back seat to architectural design when a building is on the drawing board. At least that's what you'll hear from acoustical consultants who work with multifamily developers. “When it's time to think about economy and the value of the building, control of sound gets kicked to the side too often,” says Steve Haas, president of SH Acoustics, a Milford, Conn., company that specializes in luxury residential projects. It's easy to do; acoustic design and performance happens behind the scenes, making it easy to discount or ignore compared to other must-have features that you can actually see. Read more

Fueled by Growth Fueled by Growth

Alliance Residential Co. isn't in the property management business to make money. The company's president, Bruce Ward, a self-described developer at heart, is adamant about that. That's right: The former fee-management arm of Trammell Crow Residential West—which found a three-year home at San Francisco-based REIT BRE before heading back into the private sector under the Alliance moniker in 2000—doesn't think of property management as much of a profit center. Read more

Stop, Look, and Listen Stop, Look, and Listen

Jane Fulton Suri's book may be titled Thoughtless Acts, but her approach to design couldn't be any more considred. Read more

Shifting Pieces: Driving Apartment Demand Shifting Pieces: Driving Apartment Demand

Profound social, cultural, and demographic trends are reshaping the way we live, work, and play. In the process, these trends are paving the way for a rental housing boom unlike anything seen in recent history. For the first time in decades, economic conditions—notably expensive housing prices and rising interest rates—favor rental housing over for-sale housing. At the same time, a wave of young adults and immigrants entering the housing market will drive apartment demand to new highs in the coming years. Read more

Renter's Market Stat to Watch Renter's Market

Employment figures aren't bad, but they could be better. Read more

Swing Vote Swing Vote

The issue of affordable housing is becoming an increasingly important presidential race talking point. Read more

Confidence Builders

AIMCO's energy team drives the bottom line. Read more

Price Check

Rentometer.com, an online tool introduced last fall, shows property owners and managers as well as renters how a community's rents stack up to comparable units in nearby apartment buildings. Read more

Pump Up the Volume Pump Up the Volume

When residents move in to the Towne Centre at Englewood, they can unpack to tunes blasting from their own iPods thanks to handy built-in docking stations in each unit. Read more

Rising Fortunes San Jose Rising Fortunes

For three decades, San Jose and the greater Silicon Valley have been among the fastest growing areas in the western United States. While the market no doubt suffered through a not-so-pretty dot-com bust in 2001, that era is past. Taking its place is an economy that is once again deep into a cyclical rise based less on boom fundamentals and more on steady, sustainable growth. Read more

Speed the Turn Speed the Turn

It's lease renewal time, and if the departure of Brad the Broker in Unit 134 is taking your leasing agent and property manager by surprise, your company is already losing money. Read more

Act of Faith Act of Faith

Sometimes you've just got to have faith. How else could you successfully turn a church into student housing on a tight 3-acre site in less than 18 months? The developers of Sanctuary Lofts in San Marcos, Texas, did just that, thanks to a little bit of belief in their vision and a whole lot of planning. Read more

Learning Curve Learning Curve

For nearly a decade, Mark Bryant has been an integral part of the development of JPI's Central residential and student living division. Read more

Brilliant Disguise Brilliant Disguise

Blending into its Sacramento neighborhood was always the goal for North Avenue Apartments, an 80-unit affordable housing project. Accomplishing that feat took some design creativity. Read more

Cascadia Village Apartments Project of the Month Cascadia Village Apartments

Cascadia Village Apartments looks more like a mountain lodge resort than a typical traditional apartment complex. The 51-unit property in Vancouver, Wash., features green and dark tan exteriors accentuated by wooden planks and triangular roofs. Lush trees in the background give the rental property an even more woodsy appearance. Read more

Risky Business Risky Business

More and more recent immigrants, first-time renters, recently widowed or divorced spouses, and others with little or no financial history are seeking housing. And with each skip and bad-debt eviction costing anywhere from $3,500 to $4,500, identifying who's worth the risk and who isn't has serious bottom-line implications. Read more

Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

What do the stars of futuristic thrillers such as “The Matrix” and residents living in a multifamily property in the year 2012 have in common? Both will likely use biometrics—retina scans, thumbprints, and other biological data—to gain access into secure areas such as apartment buildings. Read more

Clarendon Square Clarendon Square

Clarendon Baptist Church had a pretty sketchy start. Built in 1868 in Boston's South End district, the church was deemed “spiritually dead” by some locals. Its pews were rented, church attendance was low, and there was no sense of unity within the congregation. Read more

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