April 2005 Table of Contents

Art Smarts Art Smarts

We all know the easy way to decorate a multifamily property: Hang a handful of pretty flower paintings on the wall, maybe throw in a mirror or two, and call it a day. But in today's competitive condo and apartment market, a growing number of developers aren't looking for the quick fix. Instead, they're carefully selecting pieces of artwork that connect with a property's identity and community. Read more

Live & Learn Live & Learn

Debra Myles was a young mother of three children when she moved her family into Park Haven Apartments in Brooklyn Park, Minn. She was struggling—working overtime at the bank—just to put food on the table. Then she was laid off. Read more

Industrial Revolutionary Industrial Revolutionary

Brian O'Neill doesn't have a college degree. He never even got a high school diploma. But who needs either of those when you have enough land to provide about $4 billion worth of apartments and condos? Read more

Portraits of the Past Portraits of the Past

I think of them as the grand old dames of Washington. Each time I drive down Connecticut Avenue, I marvel at the elegance of the apartment buildings that line this busy, tree-covered street in the northwest quadrant of the city. Every city, from New York to San Francisco, has buildings like these, and wherever I go, they capture my attention and imagination. They also provide the inspiration for Landmarks, one of the new departments we introduced in January. Each month, we highlight one of these special places and reveal a little of the history behind the façade. Read more

Reality Check Reality Check

In 25 years, the Washington, D.C., region can expect to see an additional 2 million people, 833,000 more homes, and 1.6 million new jobs. These startling statistics set the stage for Reality Check, a one-day planning exercise in February where 300 local leaders from the 20 greater-D.C. jurisdictions analyzed and envisioned alternative growth strategies for the rapidly growing region. Read more

Bulls vs. Bears Bulls vs. Bears

The Windy City's apartment market hasn't blown completely off investors' radar, but it could be awhile yet before Chicago posts any remarkable improvement in its market figures. Read more

Urban Issues Urban Issues

From street corners to skylines, American cities have changed a great deal in recent years. So has the image of these formerly downtrodden downtowns. Today, everyone from the echo boomers to their retiring parents wants a pied-a-terre in the city, and they're willing to pay for the privilege. But the popularity of urban living hasn't made downtown development any easier. As you'll read in this edition of Conference Call, multifamily developers must confront the growing pressure for affordable housing at the same time as they deal with community resistance and rising land prices. Read more

Growing Up Growing Up

David Schwartz says he measures the passing of time by his children's ages. So he remembers that his youngest son wasn't even a year old when Schwartz landed the cover spot on the April 1999 issue of MULTIFAMILY EXECUTIVE. Today, that son is 6 years old—no, make that 6¼, his son corrects him. Read more

Property Taxed Property Taxed

Rising real estate appreciation and soaring property tax assessments have grabbed lots of headlines lately, but it's not only homeowners who are blanching at their tax bills. So are apartment owners, who are facing higher property taxes at the same time as their properties struggle with a soft rental market. Read more

Hidden Gem Hidden Gem

New York's Fifth Avenue is synonymous with high style: Cartier, Tiffany and Co., and Gucci line the area's bustling streets. Yet, one nearby Fifth Avenue co-op simply wasn't making the fashion cut. Read more

Management Move Management Move

No one can say Robert “Bob” Landis doesn't know what it's like on site. In his first job in the multifamily industry, he worked as a property manager for a luxury high-rise in the Washington area. “The challenges were diverse, and it required a lot of stamina to persistently deal with the management issues at the property,” he says. “I remember being exhausted after my first day on the job!” Read more

Smooth Move Smooth Move

Condos are hotter than ever. In fact, the median price for a condo in 2004 exceeded the median price of a single-family home. Rental developers want in on the action, and Post Properties is no exception. Read more

Tight Squeeze Tight Squeeze

Adding a building to a college campus is never easy. Between the limited space on-campus and the usual town-gown challenges, colleges and universities must be both creative and persistent if they want to expand. Read more

Reading the Future Reading the Future

If life were more like a cable television reality show, then a designer, a carpenter, and a willing set of neighbors would show up at your property to make it over in 48 hours—for less than $1,000. But since Home Depot is not likely to sponsor a “Trading Spaces: Multifamily” anytime soon, it is no wonder that property owners are looking to build buildings today that will withstand the technology and lifestyle advances of the coming decades. Read more

Q & A

Matt Robinson answers: What specific strategies and products are you using to prevent mold? Read more

Shades of Springtime Shades of Springtime

Sapling, strawberry fields, guava jam ... While these may sound like the latest color offerings from Crayola, this pastel palette actually is a sampling of the vinyl siding colors at Bimini Bay Resort and Casino, a 760-acre project under development off the coast of Miami. Read more

Grand Place Apartments Grand Place Apartments

To look at these striking twin terra-cotta buildings—now a focal point of the 18-block Grafton Hill Historic District in downtown Dayton, Ohio—one would never suspect that they were once nearly in ruins. Read more

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