May 2004 Table of Contents

Senior Centric Senior Centric

One of the basic battles in American business is big versus small. Large chains come into an area and offer affordable prices but often have impersonal service. Small businesses may have higher prices but better customer service. So, what if one company could bridge this gap, enjoying building and buying efficiencies while offering the customer service of a mom-and-pop store? One senior housing executive in Salem, Ore., says he can do just that: Bill Colson, president and managing general partner of Colson & Colson Construction Co. and president and CEO of Holiday Retirement Corp. Read more

Shifting Gears Shifting Gears

Working for Summit Contractors in Jacksonville, Fla., Matt Robinson gets a pretty good feel for what's being built in multifamily. Summit, the largest builder on the Multifamily 50 list, is a third-party general contractor that builds all types of multifamily housing across the country. So, when this senior vice president talks about hot product types, you listen. Read more

A Matter of Size A Matter of Size

In an industry where bigger traditionally means better, the largest multifamily owners of property reported little growth in number of units owned. In fact, out of the five largest owners, three had a decrease. The largest, New York-based CharterMac, benefited from investments outside the United States to increase its portfolio. Read more

Strength in Numbers Strength in Numbers

Top-notch management has never been more essential in the multifamily industry. Due to low interest rates and high unemployment, vacancy rates in rental markets soared as high as 14 percent in some areas of the country last year. Read more

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