August 2004 Table of Contents

Tax Credits Reach the End of the Line Tax Credits Reach the End of the Line

In 1989, when Mercy Housing Midwest converted the 100-year-old Mason School in Omaha, Neb., to 32 units of low-income housing, the staff was too happy with a job well done to fret about the future. But more than a decade later, worry began to surface as the Chicago-based nonprofit became increasingly aware of an upcoming deadline that could end the project's affordability. Read more

Neighborhood Watch

At an AvalonBay Communities leasing office in early June, a package arrived for a resident who wasn't home. It was ticking. Read more

College Dreams College Dreams

Walk through the offices of Capstone Development Corp. in Birmingham, Ala., and the baseball hats lining the hallways are hard to miss. Pick a college–Winthrop, Duke University, or Arizona State, for instance–and you just might see its colors on the walls. That's because each time Capstone representatives visit a new campus, they buy a hat, hanging it in the office as either a mark of success or a goal to be achieved: Company president Michael Mouron would like to build or manage on every campus whose college hat graces Capstone's walls. Read more

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