October 2003 Table of Contents

Pricing Pressure

When demand exceeds supply, prices rise. That's one of the fundamental principles of economics. But it may not apply in the apartment market during the near term. The outlook for rent recovery in much of the nation doesn't look very promising, even after employment growth levels regain momentum and begin to yield apartment demand in excess of completions. Read more

L.A. Stories L.A. Stories

New York and Chicago have always been home to the highest level of high-rise condominium development in the United States. Their success is due to the buildings' close proximity to work, shopping, and restaurants. Miami and Honolulu also have been successful with this product type, because high-rises enable people to enjoy ocean views or beachfront living. Read more

Business Cents Business Cents

On a summer's morning at Mountainside Apartments, an affordable housing community in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., the property is alive with activity as kids play at the pool, ride bikes, roller skate, and simply hang out. But around noon, things start to settle down. Many resident children head toward the clubhouse for lunch. Other area kids – who participate in the summer lunch program – join them. Read more

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