July 2003 Table of Contents

Making it Work Making it Work

It's a scenario that's not difficult to picture. A Washington police officer – a single mother who is responsible for keeping the nation's capital safe in this era of heightened security – cannot afford to live anywhere close to her precinct. Because many two-bedroom apartments in the close-in areas cost more than $2,000 per month, she has to take the train into the city from Fredericksburg, Va., almost 60 miles away, where a two-bedroom apartment rents for $700 per month. While these costs savings are essential, it does not make up for some things money can't buy – time with her children and those two hours per day she loses commuting on the train. Read more

Calling the Play Calling the Play

Tucked away in the trees across from an open field is the headquarters of Bostic Construction Inc. – a Colonial-style house with a design borrowed from Thomas Jefferson. Go inside at 7:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning and you'll probably find company president Mel Morris. Sometimes, he is listening to jazz and talking with family and friends. But most likely, he is just looking for ways to prod Bostic Construction to build apartment buildings even faster than it already does. Read more

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