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Top 10 Metros with Highest May Rent Growth

Rent growth momentum continued in Odessa, Texas as it held steady as the No. 1 rent growth metro, according to a recent report released by the Dallas-based research firm Axiometrics. Read more

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The Top 10 and Bottom 10 Rental Markets of March

Seven of the top 10 highest-rent markets are found in either New York or California, while Tucson reigns as the most affordable metro in the country in March. Did your metro make the cut? Read more

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The Top 10 Worst Metros For Workforce Renters

The hourly wage a full-time worker must earn to afford a decent two-bedroom apartment, has increased to $18.92 this year, up 53 percent from 2000, according to a recent report. Here are the 10 nastiest cities for workforce renters.That national average of $18.92 is 52 percent higher than it was in 2000, officials say. Read more

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