• Niche Assets Climb the Rankings of 2014's Top 50 Owners

    Low-income, student housing, and military holdings are helping some companies make their mark on this year’s owners list.

  • Top 10 Markets with the Highest Senior Occupancy

    You'd probably guess some Florida or Arizona markets would see the most well-occupied seniors communities, but you'd be wrong. Northern, snowy cities dominate the list, according to Marcus & Millichap.

  • MFE Awards: Seniors Housing, Seamless Design

    We’re looking for the most successful senior housing projects that opened between July 1, 2012 and Dec. 1, 2013 for this year's MFE Awards. Registration ends on April 15 and binders must be submitted for judging by June 3. Check out the rules and guidelines here and more past winners here. Good...

  • Crowdfunding: The Future of Multifamily Investing?

    The core concepts of crowdfunding have been around for decades. But the improvements made in technology and social media have eased the process and widened the pool, providing more opportunities for sponsors and investors alike.

  • At Your Service

    Lenders fought hard against stiff competition to make loans to affordable housing properties in 2013. Among those competitors, commercial banks once again crowd the top of affordable housing ­finance’s annual list of the biggest lenders.

  • Top 10 Rent Growth Markets of February

    Athens, Ohio ranked as the top performing market, with a rent growth rate of 9.7 percent in February. And though markets in California and Florida are bucking the trend and generating rent growth well above 5 percent, plenty of markets are taking a huge dip.

  • The Top 10 Worst Metros For Workforce Renters

    The hourly wage a full-time worker must earn to afford a decent two-bedroom apartment, has increased to $18.92 this year, up 53 percent from 2000, according to a recent report. Here are the 10 nastiest cities for workforce renters.That national average of $18.92 is 52 percent higher than it was in...

  • After Drought, California Focuses on Water Filtration

    From bicycle codes to constrained space due to water filtration systems, California architects are dealing with climate change the best way they know how -- by adapting their practices.

  • Related California’s 74-Unit Triada Court, Santa Ana, Calif.

    The city of Santa Ana acquired parcels for rental units totaling almost 5.1 acres for its first major sustainable infill construction project, part of a master plan and new zoning code to promote transit-oriented development.

  • Consolidation Trend Just Getting Started?

    As the upturn matures, and the low-hanging fruit of distressed acquisitions disappears, owners are trying to find different ways of adding value to their enterprises, and portfolio buys are one big way of doing so.

  • Calling All Leaders, Past, Present, and Future

    The apartment industry has evolved rapidly and impressively, notes new NMHC chair Daryl Carter. But the time is ripe for even further progress, he explains, if only we support and encourage the entrepreneurs among us.

  • Top 10 Metros with Highest Occupancy Rates

    Occupancy outlooks are sunny in Florida, where three metro areas have occupancies greater than 95 percent, according to this Top 10 list provided by Axiometrics.

  • The Top 10 Most Walkable Cities of 2014 ranks the most walkable cities in the nation, and while perennial favorites New York City and San Francisco retained top rankings, Philadelphia and Miami surged up this year's list.

  • Leasing Season Preview: 2014 is a Battlefield

    The fight to attract and retain residents will be intense in this leasing season, as more new supply comes online and rent growth decelerates.

  • Eat, Pray, Merge: An Inside Look at the Essex-BRE Deal

    A dinner with investors in November may have nudged BRE Properties to join forces with Essex Property Trust.

  • RentGrowthChart-2.jpg4

    Axiometrics: Sexy Six Rent Growth Decelerates

    Only two of the "Sexy Six" metropolitan areas saw higher rent growth numbers last year than in 2012,  as New York City and Washington, D.C., lose steam.

  • Alluring Peak: Architects Create Zero Net Energy Designs

    Tetris Block, a special recognition winner for the Architecture at Zero competition, takes a pragmatic approach to designing a mixed-use building that produces at least as much energy as it uses.

  • Condo Conversion Currency

    When Michael Reynolds looks back at the condominium scene in 2009, he’s happy just to call himself a survivor.

  • Top 10 Rent Growth Markets of 2014

    Industry experts project that some of the largest metro areas will see some of the largest rent growth next year.

  • Hoarders: How to Recognize and Manage Hoarding Tenants

    Dealing with a hoarding tenant can be difficult on it's own, but it can easily turn into a legal nightmare if not approached with caution.