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Chasing Yield: The 2015 Dealmaking OutlookChasing Yield: The 2015 Dealmaking Outlook

As cap rates continue to fall, investors are pushing for returns in five key areas... Read more

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REITs See More Growth Ahead in 2015

EQR's guidance of 3.5% to 4.5% growth in 2015 sets the sector's tone heading into a new year. Read more

Hacked! 7 Tips for Preventing and Managing a Data BreachHacked! 7 Tips for Preventing and Managing a Data Breach

Data breaches aren't going to stop any time soon, so you may as well be prepared... Read more

Weather-Ready: 10 Property Winterization TipsWeather-Ready: 10 Property Winterization Tips

As winter approaches, this checklist of important preparation measures will keep... Read more

Taking Pet-Friendly to a New LevelTaking Pet-Friendly to a New Level

At MiMA in New York, a dog spa gives a whole new meaning to pet-friendly. Read more

Terwilliger Speaks Out on ‘Silent Housing Crisis’Terwilliger Speaks Out on ‘Silent Housing Crisis’

Ron Terwilliger, one of the nation’s most successful real estate developers, calls... Read more

Bell-DRA Fuels 10% Increase in October Transactions

The apartment sales market continued its torrid pace into a roaring fourth quarter. Read more

Land and Buildings Nominates New Board at AECLand and Buildings Nominates New Board at AEC

Land and Buildings, an investment firm based in Stamford, Conn., has nominated a... Read more

Efficiency Experts: Energy Star Certifies Existing Multifamily Properties

Seventeen diverse properties have received the first Energy Star certification for existing multitenant buildings. Read more

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