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  • Climate Control

    When it comes to bringing new technology to a company, forget about taking the easy way out. "You have to do your homework," says Greg McDonald, director of telecommunications for Camden Property Trust, an apartment REIT based in Houston. "There are no shortcuts."

  • Standard Issue

    Let's say you purchased software to help building staff streamline rent-check processing or let residents sign up online for cable. Perhaps you contracted with a service to handle the screening of prospective tenants. You may have had to struggle to incorporate these little islands of technology...

  • EZ Pay

    It's really quite simple: Come the first of the month, rent checks are slid under the building manager's door, then neatly entered into the books. Right? Yeah, maybe if it was still 1956.

  • New Dynamic

    Need to know how to price your apartments? Forget instinct. Think data.

  • Strength in Numbers

    Top-notch management has never been more essential in the multifamily industry. Due to low interest rates and high unemployment, vacancy rates in rental markets soared as high as 14 percent in some areas of the country last year.

  • 2005 Multifamily 50 - Managers

    Sometimes wishful thinking pays off. Just ask FPI Management, a Folsom, Calif.-based fee manager. Last February, the company nearly doubled the size of its headquarters with the hopes of dramatically growing the company's portfolio. “We designed and built our new office building with the intention...

  • Best in Class

    Bill Donges has always been good at the basics – management and organization – which has enabled him to take on new challenges. Throughout his career, he successfully ran chemical and manufacturing businesses, distribution centers, dot-coms, and software and electronic start-ups. Although Donges...

  • Tech for Hire

    What if your property management office could make like a convenience store and stay open 24/7? As impractical and costly as it might seem, following the lead of 7-Eleven, particularly when it comes to handling hot-button issues like maintenance requests, might help you retain residents, lure new...

  • Under Lock and Key

    Biometrics, formerly available only in spy movies, has moved into multifamily housing. Residents of one Archstone-Smith property in New York must have their palm print accepted by an electronic reader to get into the fitness center. But that's unusual for the Englewood, Colo.-based company—and most...

  • Cleaning Up

    After four hurricanes leveled parts of Florida last fall, they left in their wake apartment owners picking up the phone to dial their insurance agents. But many owners didn't exactly get good news. Because of high deductibles, caps on debris-related damages and cleanup, and per-building deductibles...