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  • Energy Management Systems Allow Homeowners to Monitor, Control Energy Usage

    Available in a range of capability levels, sustainability dashboards give consumers real-time feedback and control of their home's energy.

  • Model Makers

    When Pompano Beach, Fla.-based current builders was still in the design phase of 440 Flagler Village, a 218-unit luxury mid-rise apartment community it's building in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., the design staff started noticing unplanned “bump outs” in the hallways.

  • Technology - I Will Squeeze Every Dollar Out of My Tech Investments.

    Listen to PropertyBridge vice president Jason Gardner talk tech strategies for 2009, and you'd swear he was an apartment owner. “This is a critical time—whether you're a REIT or private company, everyone is feeling the pain,” Gardner says. “You need to ask your vendors specifically: How can your...

  • Off-Road Scholars

    For Dina Urbansky, a development specialist at Cleveland-based Forest City Enterprises, RealPage's OneSite property management system is crucial for her job. The system helps the company track occupancies, leases, and rent payments for the 35,000 apartments it owns or manages in 20 states, and...

  • Home-Grown Technologies Tackle Green Building, Leasing Compensation, Lead Management

    Tricks of the Tech Trade: Case Studies in Leveraging Multifamily Technology

  • Model World

    Portfolio modeling leverages data to pull back the veil on what the future of multifamily could hold.

  • On the Map

    With the advances in location-based mapping technologies on the Internet in the recent years, more and more applications are emerging that can literally put multifamily properties on the map.

  • Industry Intel

    In his "View from the Top," David Cardwell says when it comes to understanding technology, make sure you ask the folks in the field.

  • Revenue Revolution: Pushing Rents Becomes the Norm

    Industrywide, firms using revenue management programs such as LRO from Rainmaker Group and M/PF YieldStar from RealPage have seen “revenue lift” of 1 percent to 3 percent; some companies have seen even more dramatic results.

  • The Final Frontier: Electronic Signatures

    When it comes to online lease-ups, multifamily companies have always taken their fair share of knocks for failing to deliver a seamless point-and-click experience for prospective residents and property managers alike. But the industry is done dipping its toes in the waters and has leapt into...