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  • REITs Stand to Gain From the GSEs' Demise

    Unlike smaller owners, the REITs have many financing avenues available to them. And should the GSEs go away, many small owners may be forced to sell, allowing the big to get bigger.

  • UDR's Tom Toomey: Multifamily Solid Despite Credit Downgrade

    In the midst of some of the most dramatic market volatility Wall Street has seen, UDR president and CEO Tom Toomey stresses positivism, belief in hard assets as the REIT announces major Manhattan investment.

  • Three REIT Trends to Watch

    Like just about every other sector on Wall Street, the apartment REITs have been beaten up the past couple of days, seeing their values move down about 4 percent on average. But that doesn’t diminish the positive results they’re seeing on-site. Even as the jobs picture continues to look shaky, the...

  • REITs' Earnings Preview: Analysts Wary of Impact of Economy

    As the apartment REITs begin reporting their mid-year results next week, analysts again expect fundamentals to be good. But the dour economic news of the last couple of weeks has some wondering if the sluggish economy may put a ceiling on the robust apartment recovery.

  • REITs Seek Investment-Grade Ratings, Unsecured Debt

  • REITS Increasing Dividends

    Memphis-based Education Realty Trust’s announcement that it’s raising its quarterly cash dividend by 40 percent, to $0.07 per share, makes it the second straight day that a REIT announced that it's increasing its dividend. Yesterday, Denver-based UDR raised its dividend $0.20 per share, pushing its...

  • All Silent on Archstone Portfolio Sale

    Following a Reuters report last week that revealed Archstone was quietly shopping its apartment portfolio, a shortlist of potential buyers declined to comment on whether or not the Denver-based owner/operator of 57,474 units has solicited their respective firms regarding a deal.

  • AVB and UDR Exchange Assets

    AVB and UDR Exchange Assets

  • AvalonBay CEO Bryce Blair’s Retirement Comes as a Surprise

    In the REIT world, where the message is usually controlled and changes are anticipated well in advance, this week’s announcement from Arlington, Va.-based REIT AvalonBay Communities that its chairman and CEO Bryce Blair would retire from his role at the end of 2011, came as a surprise to both...

  • 6 Ways to Compete With the REITs

    Competing with a public REIT can seem impossible. But smaller, more nimble private entrepreneurs can use their size to their advantage. Here are six ways to do just that.