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  • Andres Carbacho-Burgos, Economist, Moody's

    What will employment look like in 2009? How will the downturn affect the apartment market? Our interview covers this and other economic issues.

  • Going With the Flow

    Sometimes too much of a good thing can be, well, too much. "This is as difficult an investment climate as I've ever seen," says David Schwartz, managing member of real estate investment firm Waterton Associates in Chicago.

  • Total Exposure

    High home prices in hot markets like Southern California and Washington, D.C., are destroying the dreams of many wannabe homebuyers. But some apartment owners are reveling in these sky-high price tags, which help fuel business for the rental market.

  • Pricing Pressure

    When demand exceeds supply, prices rise. That's one of the fundamental principles of economics. But it may not apply in the apartment market during the near term. The outlook for rent recovery in much of the nation doesn't look very promising, even after employment growth levels regain momentum and...

  • 2003 Multifamily 50 - Part 2

    In 2002, three forces – a national recession, low interest rates for first-time home buyers, and an oversupply of new apartments–came together and created a "perfect storm" that crashed into the multifamily market, negatively impacting operating performance by putting upward pressure on the...

  • 2003 Multifamily 50 - Part I

    While the multifamily market currently shows signs reminiscent of the devastating late 1980s, it looks like the industry is on track to a strong fourth quarter in 2003 and should remain steady for the foreseeable future. Although several areas have seen some of the short-term negative indicators...

  • Uncharted Waters

    While every market has experienced the effects of economic downturn – the national vacancy rate has almost doubled from its low point in 2000 – those with a heavy reliance on technology, telecom, and travel have been hit the hardest. These industries have had the most severe job losses, which...