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  • Which One Are You?

    A national ad campaign just might help consumers make a more informed choice between becoming a renter or a home owner.

  • Human Resources: NMHC Compensation Survey

    Negotiations be darned: When you look at the bottom line, it's almost impossible to put a fair price on reliability and human results in the workforce. But recruiting, retaining, and rewarding top talent at all levels of an organization is crucial to ensuring its long-term success—and even moderate...

  • Big Benefits

    Lenders for The Mitchell Co. often pull president and CEO John Saint aside and lecture him. Why? Because he's too generous with his employees.

  • Executive Level

    If you are in the apartment industry, chances are that, whatever your job, you saw less of a merit raise this year, according to the National Multi Housing Council's seventh annual National Apartment Survey of Compensation and Benefits Practices released earlier this fall.

  • Commission (Im) Possible

    Dave Woodward of Laramar Communities chose to accept a mission that some think is impossible: He's in the early stages of switching to a commission-based pay structure for the company's leasing agents. The mission will be a dangerous one, full of daunting unknowns, twists and turns at every corner...

  • Y Games

    At 23, Lacy Lynch's career is already on the fast track: She's training manager for Sares-Regis Group's multifamily property management division, where she has worked for a year an a half. Her job, she says, allows her to express her individuality and creativity. It puts her on a career path that...

  • Get in the Game

    Knowing how your compensation and benefits packages compare to others in the business not only helps you compete for the most in-demand employees and reduce turnover in your corporate office and on-site, but it can also be of assistance in budgeting and goal-setting.

  • Details, Details

    ING/Clarion and Gables. Colonial Properties Trust and Cornerstone. Camden and Summit Properties. With the smallest of these transactions valued at a cool $1.1 billion, these three easily qualify as the biggest multifamily deals completed this year. But "bigger" doesn't translate into "better" in a...

  • Cutting Checks

    The numbers are in–and nobody's walking away with big money. According to the results of the 2004 NMHC National Apartment Management Compensation and Benefits Practices Survey, apartment companies are continuing to cut costs in myriad ways, including slowing the pace of company-wide salary...

  • Pushing Back

    While homeownership is an important part of America's housing policy, trying to become a nation of 100 percent homeowners could have unfortunate consequences for homeowners, local communities, and the national economy. The rarely spoken truth is that there is such a thing as too much homeownership...