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  • Final Countdown

    Atlanta to demolish remaining public housing projects.

  • Southern Charm

    RVP relocates to Atlanta for warmer climate and a magnitude increase in portfolio size.

  • City Of Opportunity

    Colorado Springs may be one of the nation's most promising markets.

  • News Bites: August 2008

    Irvine, Calif.-based Sperry Van Ness has expanded into Washington, D.C., by forming Sperry Van Ness/Advisory Real Estate Services. Industry broker Michael Sims will head the office.

  • Room Service

    Gourmet delivery is no longer reserved for the luxury hotel set.

  • Primo Promos

    To satisfy their amenity-hungry residents and develop retail synergies in their mixed-use projects, Related offers residents special programs, perks, and promos - such as the front-of-the-line reservation priority to Porter House and other Time Warner Center restaurants.

  • Largest Housing Authorities On Track Despite HUD Fallout

    Outreach programs, replacement of obsolete stock are a key component of the 2008 plans for the country's 10 largest public housing agencies.

  • People Person

    HR veteran Ed Wolff looks forward to his second cultural transformation of a multifamily company.

  • Poster Child: Will the Post Properties Sale Happen?

    Post Properties offers a glimpse into the art of the deal after the credit meltdown.

  • Talking Trash: Launch a Multifamily Recycling Program

    Start a recycling program without breaking the bank.