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  • Executive Leadership - I Will Communicate Regularly With My Employees–Even When It's Tough.

    The headlines at the end of 2008 were scary. Citigroup shelved 50,000 jobs. The Big firee auto makers came to Capitol Hill begging for a saving grace. And economists speculated that unemployment could pass the 10 percent mark if the layoffs continue.

  • Learning to Fly

    Top exec finds new private planes more cost-effective, better for the environment.

  • Aqua

    Atlanta-based Tivoli Properties put the Aqua high-rise in the heart of the city's action?Midtown. But that proximity also left the architectural firm, Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewart, Stewart & Associates in Atlanta, with major challenges.

  • Merit Awards

    Our 2008 Merit Awards highlight some of the best multifamily projects in high-rise, mid-rise, low-rise, senior, military, affordable, apartment renovation, adaptive reuse, land reuse, marketing, community service, and technology.

  • Columbia Tower


  • Columbia Tower

    Broken elevators, collapsing stairwells, rusted-out appliances, and vacant units strewn with old clothing and garbage. That was the filth in which the chronically homeless in Atlanta attempted an about-face on the trajectory of their lives.

  • Deal Blues

    Mid-sized deals, such as the $42.8 million sale of Waterford Commons, a 303-unit community in Manchester, Conn., are seeing traction today.

  • Final Countdown

    Atlanta to demolish remaining public housing projects.

  • Southern Charm

    RVP relocates to Atlanta for warmer climate and a magnitude increase in portfolio size.

  • City Of Opportunity

    Colorado Springs may be one of the nation's most promising markets.