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  • Family Values

    One of the company's principals reads to children in an after-school program. The human resources manager spearheads programs for single mothers. A property manager helps a laid-off resident find a new job.

  • Keep? Toss!

    Until recently, a set of filing cabinets in the corporate offices of Atlanta-based Post Properties took up five cubicles' worth of workspace. The cabinets held copies of invoices from vendors who deliver goods and services to Post's 62 apartment communities, consisting of 21,872 apartment units, in...

  • Saved!

    It took more than a year for the owners of The View@Chastain to sell half of the upscale high-rise building's 120 units. It took less than a day to sell 28 more.

  • Smooth Sailing Ahead

    When the apartment industry was mired in a serious recession in the early 2000s, many people called it a "perfect storm"–and it's easy to see why. A poor economy and low interest rates pulled people out of apartments, while a flood of new construction saturated demand for rentals.

  • Training Day

    Christine Burnett was a business software trainer at Pinnacle, an American Management Services company, when she was asked to be part of a 20-person team tasked with creating a comprehensive, corporate-wide training program. The group spent two months talking, planning, debating, and developing the...

  • Lofty Ambitions

    From the bright lights of Los Angeles to the bluegrass of Louisville, Ky., lofts have become the choice places to live. And many of the 2006 MFE award winners are at the center of this architectural action, capitalizing on renters' and buyers' desire for urban-style living even in the heartland...

  • Star Struck

    It's not in Hollywood, but Arc Development promises that Solaria, its new 65-condominium project, will have its residents seeing stars.

  • Austin: City Unlimited

    Austin is back. After the tech bust and old-fashioned overbuilding sent apartment occupancy and rents into a tailspin from 2001 to 2003, the market now has recovered fully and ranks once more as the standout performer across the state of Texas.

  • Lights Out

    The momentum to ban smoking in both public and private locales is growing at lightning speed. Each year, more cities and counties across the country prohibit smoking at restaurants and bars. Just a few months ago, hotel giant Marriot International became 100 percent smoke-free. And now, an...

  • Failed Luxury

    The condominium market is cooling, and even a star as hot as actor George Clooney can't heat it up again.