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  • Top 10 Apartment REITs

    After acquiring about 60 percent of the Lehman Brothers’ Archstone portfolio, Equity Residential is estimated to have about $36.2 billion in assets, according to a list compiled by Green Street Advisors.

  • Top Buyers and Sellers of 2013

    Sales of apartment properties were booming in the first half of the year, totaling about $48.1 billion, according to data provided by Real Capital Analytics. The massive Archstone deal certainly skewed the numbers, but even with portfolio transactions aside, volume was still about hovering around...

  • Are Multifamily Investor Preferences Shifting?

    Recent multifamily investment volumes indicate an early but potentially growing emphasis on Class B and C properties.

  • Archstone Files for IPO

    Lehman Brothers has filed for an Archstone IPO after fending off a sale to Sam Zell.

  • Three Lessons from the Archstone Chase

    The battle over Denver-based Archstone effectively ended Friday, May 25 when Lehman Brothers Holdings paid $1.58 billion for Bank of America Corp. and Barclays Bank’s 26.5 percent stake in the company. But as the story unfolded, we learned a lot about all of the players involved.

  • Tomorrow is Deadline Day for EQR

    Tomorrow is the deadline for EQR to make a second bid on Archstone. Nothing has come out yet, but an investment banking firm has some guesses on what’s happening with the negotiations.

  • Amenity Fees Rebuked in Massachusetts

    A recent Archstone case shows that landlords charging pool, gym and outdoor grill fees in Massachusetts is against the law.

  • EQR Gets Extension in Archstone Pursuit

    Chicago-based Equity Residential has been given an extension until April 19 to bid on the second part of Bank of America Corp. and Barclays' stake in Denver-based Archstone. The announcement leaves analysts wondering what the extension could signify.

  • Equity Keeps Options Open

    After watching Lehman Brothers Holdings match its $1.3 billion bid on part of Denver-based Archstone, Chicago-based Equity Residential reserved the right to buy the second half of the debt owned by Bank of America Corp. and Barclays PLC, according to a statement it filed with the Securities and...

  • Woodward Departs Laramar to Launch New Venture

    Former MFE Executive of the Year and Archstone veteran David Woodward built one operating platform at Chicago-based Laramar Group. Now, he’s off to build a company from scratch with start-up CompassRock Real Estate from his home base of Denver.