Other stories by Chris%20Wood

  • Cash or Credit?

    Rental payment history may be more valuable than credit history in differentiating good renter prospects from bad.

  • Renewals Made Easy

    Online renewal technologies can more effectively close the deal on the easiest leasing customer you’ll ever have: your current residents.

  • Cross Check

    Rather than focusing on a prospect’s credit score, screening professionals stress a more hands-on and holistic approach to approving rental applicants.

  • Psych Test

    Apartment firms looking to nurture top-notch sales and service pros are using powerful new psychological profiling technologies to identify, hire, and train the best brains in the business

  • Student Firms Mobilize

    Mobile apps, iPads revolutionize apartment marketing and resident communication.

  • Reception Is Served

    As residents become more cell phone and smart phone dependent, progressive apartment owners and developers are looking for ways to deliver reception-haven properties.

  • A Look Back at VaultWare's 2011 Launch of Market Comps

    We test-drive Vaultware’s automated market comp report system and learn why the firm’s executives think the technology will boost leasing office productivity

  • Revenue Management's All Grown Up

    Broad industry adoption, maturation of systems highlight trends at first annual Apartment Revenue Management Conference.

  • Getting Bounced

    Once a hallowed metric of Internet marketing success, bounce rates have recently lost some of their luster.

  • Apartment investors look to secondary markets, acquiese urban towers to the condo set

    Economic pressures have apartment developers reconsidering appropriate product types and locations.