It’s hard to beat the accessibility of New York City’s streets. Dense population and a comprehensive subway system help the Big Apple secure the title of most walkable city in America, according to

While NYC has a Walk Score of 87.6 percent, San Francisco is right behind it with a score of 83.9 percent.

The website,, calculates scores by compiling data from outside sources, such as Google and Yellow Pages. The information is collected and scores are calculated block by block based on how close residences are to public transit, schools, restaurants, grocery stores and other amenities.

New York City, San Francisco and Boston topped the list last year. But this year, Philadelphia surpassed Chicago’s walkability with a score of 76.5 percent and Miami also jumped up the list to pass the Windy City with a score of 75.6 percent.

The City of Philadelphia may also get a boost this year as it begins to revitalize local neighborhoods through the Promise Zone program, a federal initiative designed to increase affordable housing and fight poverty in designated areas.

Chicago ranks No. 6 this year with a score of 74.8 percent, according to the website.

The list ranks cities with populations over 200,000. However, any address in the U.S. can be plugged into the website and a recent walk score will be calculated for that particular location.

Top 10 Most Walkable U.S. Cities of 2014:

  1. New York City, Walk Score 87.6 percent
  2. San Francisco, Walk Score 83.9 percent
  3. Boston, Walk Score 79.5 percent
  4. Philadelphia, Walk Score 76.5 percent
  5. Miami, Walk Score 75.6 percent
  6. Chicago, Walk Score 74.8 percent
  7. Washington, D.C., Walk Score 74.1 percent
  8. Seattle, Walk Score 0.8 percent
  9. Oakland, Calif., Walk Score 68.5 percent
  10. Baltimore,Walk Score 66.2 percent

Lindsay Machak is an Associate Editor for Multifamily Executive. Connect with her on Twitter @LMachak.