Wall Street has long been synonymous with financial power-houses and marquee brokerage firms. But these days, this Manhattan mainstay is quickly building up a repertoire of trendy residential living. Among its offerings: The Crest at 63 Wall Street.

Built in 1929, this 36-story, neo-classical landmark was designed by New York architects Delano and Aldrich. The wedding-cake-style tiered structure features ornamental gargoyles, while coins adorn the building's lower façade. Gothic crest teeth crown the top of the building's hip roof.

NOT ALL BUSINESS: The Crest at 63 Wall Street is located in the heart of New York's financial district.
NOT ALL BUSINESS: The Crest at 63 Wall Street is located in the heart of New York's financial district.

The building served as the headquarters for the oldest and largest partnership bank in the nation—Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.—for 73 years. But the early '90s saw a rapid flux of firms moving from the financial district to newer digs located in other parts of New York City. Brown Brothers Harriman was one of them. Despite the growing commercial vacancy rate, some developers saw great residential potential in the historic structures—especially with a catchy, well-known address like Wall Street.

In 2003, developer Metro Loft Management and its construction arm, Newmark Construction Services, converted the aging office building into a 476-unit luxury apartment residence, now known as The Crest. The renovation project cost about $50 million and was the first residential building to open on Wall Street after the historic events of Sept. 11, 2001.

While Metro Loft took every precaution to maintain the structure's historic exterior elements, the developer renovated the building's interior to take on a more modern, contemporary feel. Now, kitchens and billiards tables stand where corporate boardrooms used to be.

The Crest features a 10,000-square-foot great room with billiards tables, a large screen television, wireless Internet access, a conference room, and a baby grand piano. The 21st floor offers a terrace with sun chairs and a city view. In the lobby, The Crest residents have access to DVD rentals and valet service with a 24-hour front desk attendant.

The Crest was awarded as the “Best Historic Rehab: Market Rate or Mixed-Income Housing” by the National Housing and Rehabilitation Association in 2005.

Abby Garcia Telleria is a freelance writer in Costa Mesa, Calif. Know of a landmark apartment property? Send your suggestions to abbygarcia@yahoo.com.