Q: What will be the biggest products in luxury apartments in 2005?

A: People want to be enveloped in luxury and security, and we see a continued strong trend in that direction for 2005. In-home entertaining has grown in popularity with luxury residents appreciating a well-appointed kitchen, including ample space to prepare gourmet dinners, high-end appliances, space for wine racks, and large storage cabinets to accommodate their seasonal and holiday entertaining treasures.

This nesting trend has also resulted in a desire for technology both within the apartment home as well as around the ground. Wireless fidelity allowing online computer access while enjoying the sights at the pool will be big for 2005, in addition to the high-speed Internet access readily available in the apartments themselves.

Spa experiences on-site are also growing in popularity. Many apartment communities already offer well-appointed fitness centers along with saunas, but we expect more communities to offer Pilates and yoga classes, along with massage services as the desire for pampering continues to grow.

Dale Phillips, president of Mark Taylor Residential Inc. in Scottsdale, Ariz., answered this month's product question. To participate in future Q&As, contact Rachel Azoff at razoff@hanleywood.com.

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