1 CALL FOR BACKUP: Architectural Area Lighting's newest line of wall sconces can be operated from an emergency battery, so even in a power outage, Venere Series sconces can do their job. The series features wall-mounted fixtures made of cast aluminum and offers several architectural designs, color options, two sizes, and a durable sconce lens. For more information, call Architectural Area Lighting at 714-994-2700 or visit www.aal.net.

2 PATH MOST TRAVELED: Path lights like Seagull Lighting's Leaf-Style Path Light can dramatically highlight low-foliage borders, walkways, paths, and groundcovers while offering bright beams of security and protection. The light is 20 inches tall and is offered in black and green. It features a 3-foot cable for easy placement. For more information, call Seagull Lighting at 800-347-5483 or visit www.seagulllighting.com.

3 SAFE FOR TURTLES: Lighting Science Group Corp.'s amber R20 diode is certified by the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission for use in sea turtle habitat areas. The durable lights won't attract nesting sea turtles, last 50,000 hours, and use 80 percent less electricity than an incandescent bulb. For more information, call Lighting Science Group Corp. at 214-382-3630 or visit www.lsgc.com.

4 SIMULATE THE SUN: Full Spectrum Solutions offers a dimmable fluorescent bulb called BlueMax, which can withstand high temperatures in enclosed fixtures and simulates sunlight without the harmful UV rays. It also saves up to 80 percent in energy over standard bulbs. For more information, call Full Spectrum Solutions at 888-574-7014 or visit www.fullspectrumsolutions.com.

5 ON THE EDGE: “Let's Edge It” is an all-in-one edging-and-lighting product that uses plastic bricks with builtin solar-powered lights. Swivel-action connectors allow straight or curved installation, and built-in spikes hold the bricks in place. Installation requires no digging, mortar, or heavy lifting. The bricks are available in terra cotta and gray.

For more information, call Argee Corp. at 800-449-3030 or visit www.argeecorp.com.