• SCREEN PLAY: Phantom Screens offers screening solutions for doors, windows, verandas, porches, and patios. The screens retract when not in use to keep views unobstructed. They also enhance privacy, protect from insects, increase ventilation, and reduce solar heat gain on the building's interior, which improves energy efficiency. For more information, call Phantom Screens at (888) PHANTOM or visit www.phantonscreens.com.

  • ALL LIT UP: Maine Ornamental's new Solar Post and Stair Light adds an intimate glow to decks and fences. The product distinctly lights up various outdoor living areas. Available in black or white and in two sizes to accommodate 4”x4” or 6”x6” posts, the solar light requires no additional wiring or electricity and is easy to mount on wood, composite, or vinyl posts. For more information, call Maine Ornamental at (866) 780-3507 or visit www.postcaps.com.


  • DECK SHUFFLE: Weyerhauser ChoiceDek products can be used for decks, playground equipment, handicap access ramps, and walkways. Made from recycled wood fiber in recycled polyethylene, ChoiceDek products are easy to maintain and available in a range of colors for a variety of designs. The line also includes a complete decorative railing system. For more information, call Weyerhauser at (800) 951-5117 or visit


  • CAST OF CHARACTERS: Quick Crete's Ecocast is a new precast concrete mix for sustainable projects. Available in four different colors, Ecocast is made from 70 percent post-consumer and industrial waste plus high-quality Type 111 cement, producing a compressive strength of 5,000 p.s.i. in 28 days. Ecocast can be used in a variety of projects. For more information, call Quick Crete at (951) 737-6240 or visit www.quickcrete.com.

  • FAUX FENCE: FiberTech Polymers' TimberWolf Classic-Series is a line of eco-friendly wood composite fence systems. The fence has at least 90 percent post-consumer recycled content. In fact, 70 percent of the raw materials come from wood fiber waste destined for landfills. The line is available in four colors as individual components or prepackaged kits. For more information, call FiberTech Polymers at (888) 262-2070 or visit www.TimberWolfComposites.com.